Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Install ADB Drivers for All Phones

How to Install ADB(Android Debug Bridge) on your Android Phone.

This Method will work for all phones.(Sony Ericsson,Samsung,HTC,LG,etc)

Follow the Steps:

Step 1
First of all download and install Java SE Software Development Kit (SDK). Be definite you download the package by clicking on first icon named Java Platform (JDK).
Step 2
After that download Android Software Development Kit (SDK) depending upon your OS and extract the zip content to your desktop.
Step 3
Now open the folder and then double-click on “SDK Manager”. From the packages to install list double-click on “USB Driver package, revision...
Step 4
You can choose to deselect all items except USB Package if you have slower internet download speed. Click “Install” and wait for the installation to finish.
Step 5
After that on your Android device go to:
Settings –>Applications—> Development
Step 6
Turn ON “USB debugging” mode. And connect the android phone to PC by using the USB connection.
Step 7
Windows will start recognizing the device. You will then see a message “Device driver software was not successfully installed”. The message varies depending the Android model and brand. Ignore the message and click “Close”.
Step 8
Instead if you see “Device installed successfully”, you are done, otherwise continue...
Step 9
Click “Start” –> right-click on “Computer”—> “Manage” (You need to have admin rights to do this on your PC). After that you need to expand the tree in left pane by clicking on System Tools –> Device Manager.
Step 10
In the right pane, expand “Other devices”. You will see a yellow exclamatory mark on the device icon. Right-click on it and select “Properties”. And just click on “Update Driver” button.
Step 11
Select “Browse my computer for driver software” and then select “Let me pick from list of device drivers on my computer”.
Step 12
Click “Next”—>“Have disk”, browse through and select “android_winusb” item as shown below.
Step 13
Click “Next”. Windows will confirm whether to update drivers. Go ahead and click “Yes”. And after that Windows should successfully finish the driver software for your android phone.
Step 14
You are done with ADB installation. To verify, connect android device to your computer and then “Start”—> right-click on “Computer”—> Manage.
In the left pane, click on “System Tools—> “Device Manager”.


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